Love Mania

Have you ever experienced obsessing over your significant lover despite being abused? Maybe you can relate to this song.


At some point in life, usually when you are young we can become infatuated with someone and become a bit obsessive and do weird things, like stalking their social media accounts or constantly daydreaming of situations where the both of you would be happy.

If you are lucky, and you make an effort to impress, that person will feel the same, and accept your affection. Then you’ll become lovers in bliss, but not for long. Problems inevitably arise within a relationship, and things can come out of control. If things are not sorted out gracefully, violence and aggression may occur, and it will be the start of a toxic and abusive relationship.

I would like to share a mesmerizing and haunting song that describes experiences in an abusive relationship, and how the receiving end of abuse accepts the pain because of a manic love.

Author: Redal Go

Blogging for relaxation. :)

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