Out of the Cave

The start of sharing beautiful art through different mediums from underrated artists.


This is my very first blog post!

For the majority of my time spent in different parts of the world wide web, I’ve been more of a lurker. Just keeping to myself.

I have seen and heard many expressions of art that have touched my heart, and would like to share it with everyone. I thought it would be selfish to keep such beauty to myself.

I will do my best to stay consistent in sharing beautiful and wonderful art out into the world to people who need a little inspiration to keep going!

Today I will share a song. It’s a love song, hahaha. The simplicity of the acoustic and other instruments resonates in a way that it seems you are in the same room that they are playing. The lyrics involve a lot of romanticism that may come off as cheesy to some, but I think that it’s moving. Hope you enjoy!

Pop to Jazz

Listening to music has brought me to different worlds. Pop music brings me to a modern world of fun and spunk. Jazz music brings me to the playful and rhythmic past.

The song I’m sharing today converts a popular pop song to jazz, and takes it to the past. The musical arrangement of the song leaves me in awe, because of their innovation and ingenuity.

Fabric Statue

I’ve been an art enthusiast ever since I was young. Starting with doodling in notebooks, painting blobs on canvas and molding shapes from clay. As I got older I went on to drawing anime characters, and tried to incorporate an anime artists style that I adored, my creations ended up looking like unproportioned creatures with faces, but that didn’t stop my love of drawing. Then I dabbled in watercolor painting which was also fun, but I didn’t quite excel in it either.

Quite aware that I do not have the talent in drawing or painting I’ve decided to just appreciate other artists who excel in it. Lately I’ve seen an artist do something so unique, and surreal! I’d like to share this video about Benjamin Shine, the fabric sculptor.

Downtime Haikus PT. 3

Haikus describing love and it’s instances.

Like a budding rose

Needs one’s affection to grow

Becomes beautiful

The product of love

A bond to last forever


It’s universal

In absence wallow in gloom

In presence high hopes

Infinite power

Infinite love and mercy

The one who holds me

Patient wholesome pure

Passed on to friends and strangers

Keep us together

Burning bright and strong

A flame that is eternal

Passed on one by one

An Artist’s Curiosity

Hello fellow bloggers! I would like to know through which facet of art do you de-stress?

Do you like to sing or listen to your favorite songs?

Do you like drawing or painting on a sketchpad or canvas?

Do you like dancing to random pop songs in your bedroom?

Do you like writing stories in a hidden notebook?

I like to de-stress by playing my guitar and singing! 😀 I’d love to know what you like to do in your downtime!