Out of the Cave

The start of sharing beautiful art through different mediums from underrated artists.



This is my very first blog post!

For the majority of my time spent in different parts of the world wide web, I’ve been more of a lurker. Just keeping to myself.

I have seen and heard many expressions of art that have touched my heart, and would like to share it with everyone. I thought it would be selfish to keep such beauty to myself.

I will do my best to stay consistent in sharing beautiful and wonderful art out into the world to people who need a little inspiration to keep going!

Today I will share a song. It’s a love song, hahaha. The simplicity of the acoustic and other instruments resonates in a way that it seems you are in the same room that they are playing. The lyrics involve a lot of romanticism that may come off as cheesy to some, but I think that it’s moving. Hope you enjoy!

Gooey Sounds

A great song to listen to while cruising back home after a long day of doing mundane tasks that suck the life from you which causes you to be lethargic and question the meaning of your existence on a flying rock rotating endlessly in an ever expanding universe that will someday disappear millions or trillions milleniums later.